Puntas Abiertas by Lauren Oliver
Release date: May 2024
Published by Matarile Ediciones
Distributed by Dashwood Books
First edition
Zine, 32 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8 inches

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Lauren Oliver uses light as a language to delve into her own identity. She experiments with multiple analog processes using her body and the primary subject of her work. 

Puntas abiertas translates to split ends, the brittle, dry, and oldest parts at the ends of our hair strands. Throughout my experience with a camera, I've consistently turned it towards myself, treating it like a mirror to reflect upon and reconcile my disparate parts. This inclination stems from a deep-seated need to piece together my identity, fueled by my mixed-race background and the perpetual feeling of not quite belonging entirely to one place/or culture.

In recent years, as I've continued to photograph myself, I've come to recognize the profound symbolism encapsulated within the strands of hair that I've spent a significant portion of my life growing. My hair symbolizes resilience, endurance, and commitment. Much like the rings of a tree, it bears witness to my experiences, documenting my growth, challenges, and well-being.

My hair, in its split ends and its entirety, serves as a tangible link to my family and heritage, connecting me to generations past and the complex tapestry of my lineage.”

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