La Luz También Viaja by Genesis Báez
Release date: July 2022
Published by Matarile Ediciones
Distributed by Dashwood Books
First edition
Zine, 32 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8 inches

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Genesis Báez was born in Massachusetts to Puerto Rican parents who had migrated there in the 1980s. La Luz También Viaja (Light Also Travels) brings together a selection of photographs from an ongoing body of work made in Puerto Rico and the Northeast US. In these, she images landscapes, constructs still lives, and enacts gestures with women from her family or with women who remind her of them.

“I photograph to trace the invisible threads that connect people and places otherwise separated by time and distance. The light carving a portal in Massachusetts is the same light bouncing off a mirror shard in Puerto Rico.
The images emerged from reflecting on the ways people relate to place, history, imagination, and community in the dispersion of diasporic life. I imagine and photograph scenes that give shape to the fragmented and temporal experiences of existing in between. Through this work, I consider how belonging may be conjured from fragments.” —GB

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