Everywhere, Always by Cory Jacobs & Jason Schmidt
Release date: 2017
Published by Cottage Eight Books
Distributed by Dashwood Books
First edition
Softcover, 32 pages
Edition of 300 copies 

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Dashwood Books Item #17158

A collaborative project between the photographer, Jason Schmidt and creative director, Cory Jacobs with text by Alex Vlack and illustrations by Nicholas Blechman. Everywhere, Always is a story about a child's relationship with his home: Brooklyn. He asks us to search for him, but as we search, we look with fresh eyes at the magical city he sees. In the spirit of Whitman's passionate odes to his hometown, the little boy finds himself in all the places he visits— in the parks, at the beach, in the flea market, at the playground, at the zoo. It's as much a story about finding a little boy in Brooklyn as it is about finding Brooklyn in a little boy. Designed by Hans Seeger and printed by The Fox Company in Wisconsin.

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