Back to Zero by Mark Borthwick and Maria Cornejo
Release date: September 2023
Published and distributed by Dashwood Books
First edition
Softcover, 136 pages
Dimensions: 6.1875 x 8.25 inches

Suggested retail price: $35
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Interviews with Chloë Sevigny, Nicole Phelps, Francesca Sorrenti, Sunrise Ruffalo, Ilya Chaiken, Zora Sicher, Hanna Frolova, Madjeen Isaac, Brooke Williams, Alice Waese, Mia Enell, Silvina Arismendi, Ariel Steinbach, Bella Guinness, Jo-kel Cornejo Borthwick and Mark Borthwick.

Collaborative project between Mark Borthwick and Maria Cornejo, published by Dashwood Books on the 25th anniversary of  Maria Cornejo + Zero. 

“To celebrate this milestone, Mark and I wanted to recapture the energy of those times and photograph creatives of all ages in re-editions of zmc archive pieces. 

Over two days, we shot everyone with a limited window of time. Everybody was scheduled for an hour separately. 

We really wanted to convey a sense of joy and creativity after three years of the pandemic were so badly needed.” —MC

Creative Direction: Maria Cornejo

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