Release Date: 03/01/2013


In describing his approach to photography Nigel Shafran has said "When I take a photograph I try to have faith in how things are," this succinctly explains the simplicity and utterly engaging nature of his work.

There are two series of portraits of teenagers combined here, a black and white series shot in Ilford town centre in the suburbs of East London which originally appeared in I-D magazine in 1990 and had an influence on a whole generation of London based photographers in the early nineties for it’s stripped down no frills approach to portraiture and fashion. The second color series was shot both in Ilford Town Center and Brent Cross Shopping Centre, a shopping precinct (A British term for mall). 

As in all Shafran’s work none of the details seem trivial.  Instead the choices these teenagers make in hair and make-up in clothes and attitude reveal a sense of profundity.

Teenage Precinct Shoppers by Nigel Shafran

published by Dashwood Books, 2013

edition of 500 copies
softcover / 66 pages / 9.5 x 7 in