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Known for his artistic approach to photographing the burgeoning late ‘70‘s surfing and skateboarding scene, Fineman took into consideration the overall aesthetics of a photograph. Unique angles and composition, intertwined with an almost architectural feel were hallmarks of Craig’s work. To further enhance said elements of his photography, we chose to present each photo in a distinct way offering a feel of the gravity of the situation, while highlighting the gracefully flowing movements taking place.

Sadly Fineman is no longer with us, and although this collection can realistically be measured as a small sliver in the grand scope of time for skateboarding -- and even surfing given the influence found in modern surfing that can be attributed to what went on in those pools-- this intimate look at a late 1970‘s pool skating session is captured in black and white as only Craig could do.

POOLS by Craig Fineman

published by Dashwood Books and Stussy, 2013

edition of 1,000 copies
hardcover / 64 pages / 13.5 x 9.25 inches