Release date 06/2015

Danny's Lot by Jocko Weyland

"Danny’s Lot is a compendium of color photographs taken over a two-year period of a truly remarkable temporary autonomous zone situated on the shores of the famously befouled Gowanus Canal, a domain benevolently and mischievously ruled over by the eponymous Danny Tinneny of the title. A ramshackle steel and concrete magical oasis behind barbed wire fences, hidden away from prying eyes, the lot had many lives, first as a car salvage business and then as the home to the office of a moving company, a woodshop, parking for movie stylist RVs, and from 2009-11, the period featured, host to Macro Sea’s Dumpster Pools and Glassphemy!"  Jocko Weyland

Published by Dashwood Books, 2015

edition 400 copies

softcover / 146 pages

ISBN 978-0-9844546-6-2

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