In June 2013, graffiti artist KATSU created a mixed media “extinguisher piece” on the walls of a large vacant lot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, collaborating with photographer Ari Marcopoulos who extensively documented its’ completion. The book simply titled 6-23 '13 - N6 Street – Brooklyn (the date and address of the piece) is elegantly designed by Camilla Venturini of Ordinary Books. This is Dashwood's fourth collaboration with Marcopoulos, previous books include The Chance is Higher (2008) and the yearlong experimental zine project ANYWAY (2012).

This Special Edition of 25 copies is signed & numbered by both artists with 5 APs. Hardcover bound with black linen it comes with a poster wrap dust-jacket housed in corrugated cardboard slip-case with a set of lock-picks laid into cover.

Each copy comes with a section of an original artwork by KATSU, a large tag sprayed in red on paper divided into 30 (8 x 10 inch) sheets.

The edition also includes a digital chromogenic print by Ari Marcopoulos of the complete original artwork sitting on a Brooklyn rooftop.

The recipients of this Special Edition will be asked to temporarily loan their section of the KATSU artwork to be reassembled in the event of an exhibition. 


6-23 '13 - N6 Street - Brooklyn - Special Edition

by KATSU / Ari Marcopoulos

published by Dashwood Books, 2014

ISBN: 9780984454655


suggested retail $345 (10% discount + shipping)